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ToonWolfLink418's Minecraft skin, drawn by Poptartgamer

ToonWolfLink418, who used to be a 15 year-old from California, was an active member of Fun For Freedom, who was often found chatting in Mumble with friends. He enjoyed playing his favorite video games, one being Minecraft.

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The Past Edit

His Fun For Freedom forum account was created on Feburary 1st, 2012, but he had been an active member in the community since around August or September 2011. After discovering Zeldathon: Quest through ToonWolfLink418 enjoyed watching Zeldathon. One day, Toon was interested in a "MusicBot" that was mentioned during one Zeldathon, and visited, the old TZN homepage. Rather than MusicBot, Toon found that Gn6me was streaming a game, and he watched that stream. Later that night, Toon was exposed to Lard Hour, and TF2 for the first time. Throughout TZN, Toon enjoyed watching streamers such as MC Gamer, The_Silver, Zelda_Queen, ChocoPoptart, and more! During the credits of TZN, Toon snuck onto his laptop while he was supposed to be in bed so he could watch. Toon has been a member of Fun For Freedom for the entierty of it's lifespan so far, mainly hosting man matches of Ultra Hardcore for the community.

Ultra Hardcore Edit

ToonWolfLink418 was the most active UHC player in the Fun For Freedom community. Toon was first exposed to UHC by MC Gamer, when he joined the Mindcrackers for their sixth season.

Toon was known for hosting many Fun For Freedom UltraHarcores over the course of the community's existence, and he considers it the biggest part of his legacy.

Toon also hosted ToonUHC, which is a smaller, mostly impromtu match of UHC with his friends.

Toon is best known in UHC for being very good at the game, and winning almost every match that he has played in.

His ambitions for UHC are typically high, but, unfortunately, his plans are almost never stopped by anybody, resulting in him winning frequently. Toon is known for his expertise in PVP, especially with a bow.

Toon's top nemeses in UHC are Poptartgamer and Mattbball, who are also his favorite people to be in a team with.

UHC has found a special place in Toon's heart, and is his all time favorite thing to do.