I'm a monkey who plays games! My name is Ciara but people online tend to call me Skip!


I got involved with Fun For Freedom early April in 2014. I met Axelle and she wanted me to help her with a charity event for a Minecraft server that I work on called AutCraft (A Minecraft server for Autistic people and their families). It being April (Autism Awareness Month) Axelle chose AutCraft to help! And so I downloaded Mumble and joined the chat with a dozen Fun For Freedom...ers.... And became a regular on the Fun For Freedom Mumble, after a while, I decided to apply for the Twitch Team for FFF and was accepted!

How I got my nameEdit

I got my name (SkippingMonkeyPlays) because, when I was much younger, I used to cheat on games and "Skip" certain levels etc. I don't do this anymore but that's how the "Skipping" came part of my name. Monkey: Now I love monkies, they're my favourite animal and I'm often called a monkey because of how cheeky I am. And "Plays" Just came part of my name by me always playing games! So, after a while, the name "SkippingMonkeyPlays" just stuck.

Skip PNG

SkipTheMonkeyLP's Skin (IGN for Minecraft)