Prof_Samuel_Oak's Icon, drawn by Lodsmore

Who is This Guy? Edit

Oak's name is Matthew, a 15-year-old that lives in North Carolina. He's an active member on the FunForFreedom mumble and other such things. He has a YouTube channel for "Let's Plays" and Pokemon Showdown sessions. People know him more as Prof_Samuel_Oak due to being in MC's chat and other streamers on the FFF community. Oak's favorite video game is Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Origin Edit

The reason why his name is Prof_Samuel_Oak is because it was a parody account. MC's chat was full of "Team Rocket grunts and executives" that Oak decided to do a joke as this. It was pretty funny at first, but people grew out of it and he decided to be another member in the FFF. This was during the time MC started speedrunning Yoshi's Island.

PrayStationX2 was more of a funny that Oak came up with. It was a joke towards Japanese people trying to pronounce PlayStation in the English language, and he just added the X2. This also because of his love of Sony's PlayStation products, PlayStation and it's games.

Ultra Hardcore Edit

Oak was exposed to UHC by the Mindcrackers, mostly MC. He loves to play it and is one of the more active members to play FFFUHC and ToonWolfLink418's mini UHCs he does with friends.

Oak has only won 1 UHC game and that was in a ToonUHC. This was a surprising twist when he killed ToonWolfLink418 and his teammate FlyingLudicolo with a Sharpness III Iron Sword and then killed TBforGood and Jyggy with a Sharpness IV Iron Sword, killing both teams by himself and not using a bow once in battle with either the two teams. Oak was on a team with Mattbball53097 and Boonslayer.

Oak is more experienced of finding the goods in caves (diamonds, gold, etc.). He is most of the time good at PvE and mostly horrible at PvP due to lag experience. He usually ends up in 2nd place in team games.

Most memoriable moment in his UHC experience was on a team with Poptartgamer. He was attacked by two flaming Zombies while chopping down trees and then getting attacked by an Endermite. Having 1 1/2 hearts left, Oak and Poptartgamer were caving next to the border and all of a sudden, a wild creeper appears. Oak was trapped and had no choice but to hit the creeper until Poptartgamer arrives with the sword. Accidentally, Oak launches the creeper to Poptartgamer and he dies. 5 minutes later, another creeper came and killed Oak.

Information Edit

YouTube Twitter If you ever see him on Minecraft, my username is: TheRealPSX2