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Mattbball - Blue - 1600x1600

Mattbball's profile picture, drawn by Sixelona and colored by Poptartgamer.

Mattbball, a 17 year-old from Florida, is an active member of Fun For Freedom, who is often found chatting in Mumble with friends. He enjoys playing some video games, including Civilization V and Minecraft.

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History Edit

His forum account was created on 14 July 2012, but this is not the date that he became an active member of the community. After finding the community through Mindcrack, Mattbball created a forum account in hopes to establish himself as a new member in this newly found community. For unknown reasons, he abstained himself from becoming active in the community.

Mattbball continued to watch MC's livestreams on Twitch, even though he was not a part of Fun For Freedom. At the end of one of MC's livestreams, Mattbball decided to follow one of MC's moderators, Organics, on Twitch. As Organics streamed on his own channel, Mattbball became friends with Organics and even others in the Twitch chat. This led Mattbball to join the FFF Mumble, make new friends within the community, and to become more active overall.

UHC Edit

Mattbball is one of the most active UHC players in the Fun For Freedom community. He plays in nearly every game and is usually eager to play the next one. Mattbball has played in four of the five FFF UHCs and in numerous small "ToonUHCs."

His ambitions for UHC are typically high, but, unfortunately, his plans are almost always thwarted by ToonWolfLink418. Mattbball's main skill in UHC is his ability to take minimal damage from PvE situations.

With two exceptions, Mattbball has never died to PvE causes. These two exceptions are:

  • falling into a ravine whilst searching for Poptartgamer and ToonWolfLink418
  • suffocating in a wall by riding a horse into a tree