This is a list of Marathons that have been done on the main channel.

Zeldathon (2009-)Edit

Main article here.

HotDatePaul and Friends (2013-)Edit

Main atricle here.

Pokethon (2014*-)Edit

Main atricle doesn't exist yet. *Has been done in the past, introduced to the main channel in 2014.

Azurecast (2013)Edit

Hosted by SoaringChris137 and his friends, Azurecast was a 25 hour marathon (25 hours due to switching from EST to EDT in the middle of the marathon) They raised $185.00 for Child's Play Charity.

FFF Anniversary (2013-2014*)Edit

A Zeldathon-Style marathon with members from TZN to celebrate the FFF Anniversary. There have been two marathons, one for the 1st year, and one for the 2nd. *A 3rd marathon has not been planned, but may be in the works.