HotDatePaul, also known as Paulie9990 or just simply Paul, is an active member of the community. Paul joined Fun For Freedom in the summer of 2012 during The Ultimate Zeldathon, but not officially until January 1st, 2013 (The end of Zeldathon Water). Paul is one of the Assistant Directors of the Streaming Management Team and one of the members of the Social Media Team.


On December 27th, 2012 (The first day of Zeldathon Water) Paul had to go on a date. Paul donated with a comment of something along the lines "Sorry to leave guys, but I have to go on a date!" (Not exact words, summarizing) ChocopoptartFTW was in the room at the time, and said something along the lines of "Is she hot... HotDatePaul?" This is where the nickname "HotDatePaul" came from.

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