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Golden Apple

A golden apple, the iconic symbol of UHC.

Fun For Freedom Ultra Hardcore was a Minecraft minigame that is played bi-weekly; the game was hosted on the Fun For Freedom Event Server and ToonWolfLink418 was the host of the event since the start.


Inspired by MC's performance in the sixth season of Mindcrack UHC, ToonWolfLink418 picked up on the gamemode. He found that he enjoyed the gamemode and that he would like to get involved with playing with friends in the Fun For Freedom community. Starting in 2012, Toon began hosting UHCs, which were much more informal at the time. These games featured a smaller amount of players, but had special guests such as Nebris. MC likes to play UHC whenever he has the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, these games were not recorded and the statistics of the games are unknown; however, these games were the foundation for the renewed interest in UHC that began in early 2014. A document of the current statistics can be found here.


ToonUHC games are small, sometimes impromptu, UHC games that are happen more often than the FFF UHC games. These games have a small number of players and are often played by the dedicated UHC players; however, these games are open to all, just like the FFF UHC games. These UHC matches are sometimes experimental of new Minecraft features that are introduced in the weekly snapshots. These experiments help better the experience of the FFF UHC games, as they are more formal.